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                -We want ourselves alive-


Ceramics is a work in which women historically have a central role and from the CAAC, an institution where the female presence prevails, we aspire to add meaning to the fight for non-violence that is commemorated every November 25, presenting this collective and artistic call which will be exhibited beginning the aforementioned date.

With this objective, the CAAC requested to be part of the “Red Shoes” project of the Italian Association of Ceramic Cities, Faenza (Italy) requested to be part of the "Red Shoes" project that Elina Chauvet started in Mexico and was taken to the ceramic material in Faenza (Italy). We present the proposal with great enthusiasm and with the conviction that the strength and trajectory of feminist struggles in Argentina have impregnated these actions with certain symbolisms that we cannot ignore. For this reason, we will integrate ourselves into the artistic action of Faenza, incorporating some modifications that give it anchor in our local history, calling this activity "Violet Shoes -We want ourselves alive"

We hope that in every place where there is a victim and where someone makes ceramics the memory and the request for justice be sustained through participation in this collective staging. From the CAAC we wish to join the fight to make femicides, transfemicides and transvesticides visible in our country and the world, and to complain about the institutional mechanisms that gives them impunity.

We consider ceramic art to be a powerful and sensitive tool of expression and we propose to take this artistic action as a flag to demand justice.


•              Terms and conditions

1) We invite you to make shoes - in pairs, one by one or in groups - as testimony  for the victims of femicides, transfemicides and transvesticides.

2) You can participate with shoes made of ceramic or any other technique as long as it contains some material linked to the arts of fire that intervenes in a traditional or contemporary way.

3) "Shoe" is understood to be any type of footwear: boots, slippers, sandals, flip flops, etc.

4) The pieces must be three-dimensional with a predominance of purple color.

5) There is no minimum size limit and the maximum cannot exceed one cubic meter.

6) You can participate individually and / or collectively.

7) This invitation is free and is open to women, men and dissidents; ceramists and non-ceramists, artisans, students, artists in general and people who without having artistic practice feel the need to join.

8) It is not a necessary condition to be a member of the CAAC.

9) Participation is free and free of charge. Those who have the economic possibility and wish to do so may contribute with a bonus of $100, $300 or $500 (Argentinia pesos). For collaborations from abroad we request a minimum of 5 USD.

10) Once the work/s has been completed, it must be photographed and registered by sending the images -until October 19 inclusive- and completing the Registration Form to be part of the International Virtual Catalog that will be inaugurated on November 25 of 2021.

11) The Registration Form has the character of an Affidavit and implies acceptance of these Bases.


If you have any questions, contact us at zapatosvioletas.caac@gmail.com


•              How to take part

1) Completing the Registration Form where the authorship and work data are detailed (see FILE) 


Attaching 3 photos of the work (general view and details) on a neutral background and good definition in JPG file taken with a cell phone, or not less than 300 DPI taken with a camera.

One or two images will be selected for publication.

2) Sending said Form until October 19 inclusive.

3) Collaborating with the CAAC.

Although participation is free and free of charge those who have the possibility and wish to do so can collaborate with the exhibitions organization. CAAC does not receive subsidies from the State and is maintained with the membership fee. The work is done ad honorem so any financial support is decisive for us. Those who decide can do so with a Contribution Bonus of $100, $300 or $500 (Argentinian  pesos) and a minimum of 5 USD from abroad.

Payment method: by bank transfer to Banco de la Nación Argentina Suc. 009 - Bulnes N ° 6970210120

CBU 01106974/40069702101208 on behalf of the Argentine Center of Ceramic Art CUIT 33-68210920-9

In case of making this collaboration and once the deposit has been made, send the photo of the corresponding receipt to the email infocaac@gmail.com so it can be accounted for. For transfers from abroad, communicate with said email and thus agree on details.

If you have other questions, go to zapatosvioletas.caac@gmail.com


•              File


Individual: name, surname, ID.

Group: name, plus name, surname and ID of a representative.



Origin: Country, province and city

If you are a student, mention the workshop, school or university to which you belong:

Has artistic practice:

It is a member of the CAAC:


Title of work, if any:

Approximate measurements:


Photos of work: 3, in JPG format. General view and details on a neutral background and good definition. They can be taken with a cell phone, or have no less than 300 DPI if it is taken with a camera.

One or two images will be selected for publication at the discretion of the organizers.


• Virtual exhibition 2021

This call will take place in different times and contexts making use of resources that take into account the moment we are going through. In a first stage, it will be displayed in the photographic record of the works that will make up the "International Violet Shoes Catalog-Vivas Nos Queremos" and will be inaugurated on November 25, 2021 from the CAAC website, with wide dissemination on networks.

If you have any questions, contact us at zapatosvioletas.caac@gmail.com


• Physical exhibition 022

In a second moment this project aims to carry out a physical exhibition of the participating works of the “International Violet Shoes Catalog-Vivas Nos Queremos” in CABA (Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires), within the framework of March 8, 2022.

It will not be mandatory for those who have participated in the virtual exhibition.


•              Background

RED SHOES by Elina Chauvet in Mexico

Mexican architect and visual artist. Self-taught, especially known for her installation "Red Shoes", a work that denounces violence against women and femicides.

It all started with Elina's personal story, as her sister was murdered by her partner. She set up this installation to make crimes against women visible and to convey her pain. Why choose shoes? She used this accessory because it has a lot to do with women, and because she shared many shoes with her sister.

In addition, he says, it has to do with standing up, with something that supports.

The first version was assembled in 2009 in her hometown, Ciudad de Juárez, with 33 pairs of donated shoes.

"Red Shoes" travels conceptually and reproduces itself, with all its process, in each new city that houses it, creating a network of solidarity. It has been to Mexico, Italy, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

The first time it was done in our country was in Chubut in 2011. It also circulated through Chaco, it was in front of the Mendoza Legislature and twice in CABA, last in March 2019 at the Hospital de Clínicas.


RED SHOES- Scarpette Rosse in, Italy

In 2017 the Italian Association Cities of Ceramics based in Faenza, a group made up of 45 cities throughout Italy and with an idea born from the municipality of Oristano, city of Eleonora d'Arborea that promulgated the Letter of Logu 6 centuries ago, one of the oldest examples of codes of laws, which remained in force until the 19th century, which contained rules against violence against women, the project "Red Ceramic Shoes" was launched to say NO to violence against women.

 “Red Ceramic Shoes” was launched to say NO to violence against women. This project is inspired by the installation of the Mexican Elina Chauvet and the fact that the red shoe was already by then a symbol of the fight against femicides. This object is one of those that identify this struggle, the commemoration of which takes place every November 25, the anniversary of the murders of the Miraval sisters in 1960 in the Dominican Republic.

The project aims to be a forceful and creative act on a theme of the highest human and social value, with the creation of red ceramic shoes to be placed and exhibited in various exhibition contexts in the so-called Cities of Ceramics, in Italy.

The CAAC contacted Faenza to accompany the action, making some modifications that give it a local character.


NOT ONE LESS- We want us alive - Argentina

Chiara Páez de Rufino, Santa Fe was 14 years old and pregnant. She was killed by her 16-year-old boyfriend on April 11, 2015. On May 10, her body was found buried in the femicide's garden.

One more terrible murder, the one that was enough and led to action. This was the beginning of the Ni Una Menos movement that has managed to involve the entire Argentine society and that promoted an unprecedented demonstration in several cities and towns of our country, in which hundreds of thousands demanded more measures against sexist violence.

The Ni Una Menos march was held for the first time on June 3, 2015 in eighty cities of Argentina and the first rally took place in front of the National Congress in CABA.

From then on each year a new slogan is added according to the socio-political evolution of the moment. In 2016, the Manifesto was called Vivas Nos Queremos (We want ourselves alive) and concluded with the phrase "To sexist violence and to those who perpetrate it we say: Not One Less, against our bodies Never Again. For this reason, more than ever, We love each other!"

The movement -which is identified with the color violet- has spread to other countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia, where there are countless social and popular waves that have emerged in recent decades, such as concentrations of huge street struggles and awareness about violence against women and dissidents.